Church Don’t Hide – Turn Darkness to Light

When a child is being abused by a sibling or family member in their immediate family and their family denies it because they love the accused too much too believe that the abuse is possible. Or sometimes the adults realize it might be true but are too scared to face it and would rather disassociate from it as well because it’s easier to pretend it never happened and silence the child’s pleas for help. What happens to these children. They oftentimes will disassociate to survive and learn to survive despite the abuse until someone is either caught or they grow up being deeply broken but sometimes not totally knowing why.

This is heart breaking but similar things are happening not just with survivors of sexual abuse but also ritual and mind control abuse and it doesn’t just happen in families but in our communities and church communities at large.

People are struggling but what they share sounds too much like a conspiracy theory and people completely will deny them and push them away rather then considering what they are saying.

Some people recognize that it does happen but when it happens to someone they know or love it gets too messy so it’s easier to love them at a distance and push them away for there own safety or even in some cases not believe them. This is sometimes as devastating and traumatic as the abuse itself and often leads to the person eventually not trusting anyone.

So many want to turn there heads away from anything that looks messy because they just don’t know how to handle it so they push it away and choose to focus on happy good things while

The survivors try to look at the goodness of God while continuing to be abused.

Yes we have a God that is Good and full of Goodness but that doesn’t mean He wants us to ignore the dark things in this world, especially when they are effecting the people around us. He wants us to bring Healing, Hope, and Freedom to them. But it requires being willing to get messy and see dark things not to glorify it or fear it but Rather to Bring the Power of God to break its power over people.

If we see someone sexually abusing a child in public, you better believe someone would come and kick the butt of the person doing it… Why is the church afraid of kicking the butt of the enemy all in the name of thinking destroying darkness is denying God’s goodness. It’s the exact opposite… It is like taking your treasures and burying them in the sand.

People wake up! God is Good and powerful and so are you… If the Power of God dwells inside of you… Take it into those dark places get your hands dirty. Some of those dark places are inside people inside your churches and communities that you say are just too messy to help. Some of those dark places are inside of you but you are too afraid to face because you think it would be denying the goodness of God to face your own areas that are too painful in messy. It’s easier to ignore them and pretend you have it all together. God longs to meet us in those dark places and so that His Power and Love can remove the fear, abuse, and darkness.

Don’t deny it… agree that it’s possible and then take a look at it with God. He had the answers and the Goodness we need to break the power of darkness!

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